EXCLUSIVE: French Montana Talks Kilian Hennessey Collaborate on Cognac-Inspired Fragrance, Angels’ Share


French Montana and French perfumer, Kilian Hennessey, have collaborated to bring a new twist to the customer favorite cognac-inspired fragrance, Angels’ Share. Montana discussed his input on the redesign with JaGurl TV at the 2021 One Music Festival.  

As we all know, Hennessey is a staple in our culture, especially in music. Angels’ Share acts as a bridge between hip-hop culture and Hennessey’s family heritage. Montana was excited to be involved in adding his own style to the aesthetic of the perfume bottle reviving the look from its original 2020 launch. 

“It was a pleasure to work with Killian. Such a rich fragrance. They’ve been doing it for so many years. It’s been a blessing to be involved with the creating part, just involved with everything,” French Montana tells JaGurl TV, “they gave me the opportunity to start everything from scratch with them.’’

The new design has a golden color with chains engraved on the top giving a nod to Montana’s necklaces and style. According to Kilian, the notes include hazelnut, cinnamon, oak absolut, and tonka bean that will leave you feeling sophisticated and ready for a night out with a bottle of cognac.