Future Offers Scholarship to Students Impacted By COVID-19


In wake of current events, Future has been wanting to do his part to help those in need. From scholarships, to masks, he has been working hard to help others.

Through his FreeWishes Foundation, he announced this week that he will be launching the “I’m Still a Dreamer” Georgia COVID-19 Scholarship to incoming college freshmen.

“You don’t have to be in the perfect situation or come from the perfect background to reach for your dreams. Despite this Covid-19 pandemic, I encourage all dreamers to continue to dream big,”

Future in a press release

Future co-founded the FreeWishes Foundation with his mother, Stephanie Jester and sister, Tia Wilburn-Anderson to make an impact on lives within the metro Atlanta area. This year has been tough for the class of 2020. Many of them missed the senior year staples such as Prom and Graduation. Now they are forced to head into the next big chapter of their lives, without much to look forward too. Future, his mother, and the FreeWishes Foundation are hoping to encourage students by helping to make their dreams come true.

His FreeWishes Foundation also cleverly spearheaded the “Mask On” campaign based on his 2016 hit “Mask Off” by collaborating with local sewing company Atlanta Sewing Style. Collectively they made and distributed more than 100,000 masks to hospitals, relief centers, and other facilities.

It’s great to see entertainers using their platform to promote change. Many young minds look up to future so it’s nice to see him encouraging them to be safe and get an education.

For those interested in the I’m Still a Dreamer scholarship, high school graduates must submit a personal video describing how the novel coronavirus pandemic personally affected their lives. Applicants must have a minimum 3.00 grade point average, reside in the state of Georgia, and be currently enrolled in an accredited college for fall 2020. The maximum scholarship award is $2,500. Submissions are due July 27 at 3 p.m., and the winners will be announced Aug. 4. The lucky recipients will also win an exclusive “I Am A Dreamer” hoodie.