Government Shut Down Continues


The government shutdown has entered its third week as the President and Party Leaders have yet to reach compromise on whether or not to fund a new border wall. 

In an address given Tuesday night, President Trump proceeded to place blame on Democrats for not being willing to fund a wall along the southern border. A claim of which fell short of the truth being that Democrats recently passed bills in the House that would allow the government to be reopened while negotiations continued for border security, bills to which the President has repeatedly said he will not sign. 

The time length of which this shutdown will continue is yet to be known as nearly 800,000 government workers continue to work without pay and/ or are left out of work. While the President continues to try to shift the blame to Democratic Party he remains responsible in the eyes of the citizens, according to a recent poll. The poll conducted by Politico found that nearly half of voters blame Trump for the shut-down while only 33% blame Democrats. 

The so-called crisis at the border has yet to convince voters that a wall is needed, with only 44% of voters in support of the wall and 65% saying that the government should not be shut down to secure funding for it. With many party leaders and voters arguing that Trump campaigned on the wall being funded by the Mexican government, there seems little room for negations. 

While government workers continue to hold on to the hope that something will be worked out soon so that they receive pay, those within the government need remember their job is to do what is best for the people.

By: Latayla Branson