H.E.R Pays Homage To Lauryn Hill in Honor of Black History Month


It is always important to acknowledge the legends who came before us, as without them we would not have the path to walk proudly in our talents. During Black History Month, we spend this historic time not only showing gratitude to those before us but also showing them the results of their labor. People magazine gave a platform to familiar names like H.E.R who paid homage to one of the biggest trailblazers in her field, Lauryn Hill.

“Lauryn tapped into her own truth and expressed that in a way that nobody else could. She gave voice to the voiceless, which is an inspiration to me because that’s something I also strive to do,” H.E.R humbly said.

It doesn’t stop there because athlete Simone Biles also made her hero known. Michelle Obama is the representation of style and grace in her eyes. “Representation matters—kids looked at her and said, ‘If she can be there, then I can too.’ From the way she pushed boundaries to how she inspired young people to eat better and exercise, she changed so many lives.” 

We can’t forget those who are no longer with us but has left a lasting impact. From one legend to another, Shaquille O’Neal spoke on the legacy of Muhammad Ali. Shaq stated that Ali was “the one who taught me how to work the fans and the media, to have charisma and promote myself. Without him, there would be no Shaquille O’Neal.”