SZA’s Single ‘Good Days’ Goes Platinum Two Months After Release


It seems as though SZA’s 2021 is taking a major jumpstart!

Back in December she released her single “Good Days” on Christmas Day, which was her second release of the year following “Hit Different” with Ty Dolla $ign.

“Good Days” has gone platinum, selling more than 1 million units in the United States in only a span of two months.

SZA expressed her excitement with fans on Social media, via Twitter as she wrote, “I FORGOT TO TELL YALL WE BEEN PLATINUM FOR W FEW DAYS NOW!! Feels like we just went gold yesterday!! I can’t thank y’all enough!!”

The singer also took this time to remind audiences the context of “Good Days” and the self confidence held behind it as well encouraging fans to embrace those same morals. SZA also reveals that the single’s outro almost didn’t make it because a person she greatly respects didn’t like it.

“Life is really a test of believing in ur SELF . Y’all almost didn’t get the outro to good days cus somebody I respect ain’t like it,” she tweeted.

We’re not certain of when a release date for the Ctrl follow up is set to be, fans will have to stay up to date. Congratulations to SZA on this huge accomplishment!