Jaden Smith is not only the son of Jada and Willard Smith. He is so much more. The 20 year old juggles between being an actor and a rap artist, now he can add philanthropist to his resume. Mr. Smith is currently working with the First Trinity Missionary Baptist Church to place a mobile water filtration system  throughout in the homes and businesses of Flint, Michigan. Water issues have been an ongoing problem throughout Flint It was discovered in 2014 that their water is contaminated by lead was discovered. 

The Trinity Missionary Baptist Church has been there for the citizens in their time of need by disturbing over 5 million bottles of water. According to the Grapevine the water filtration system “will reduce lead and other potential contaminants. Also of note, the filtration system was designed and engineered by JUST goods and the church.” 

Many other causes have reached out to help Flint since this epidemic arose but as time goes on, help moves away with it. It is beautiful to see Mr. Smith make such an impact to help provide a solution. It lets us know that Flint hasn’t been forgotten. Amazing Job Jaden! 

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By: Tiffany Langhorne