Jawan x Tiffany Talk New Single ‘Finally’, Their Relationship and More!


JaGurl TV sat down with the two former teen sensations who are no stranger to the music industry. Tiffany Evans who gave us ‘Promise Ring’ featuring Ciara and Jawan Harris who gave us ‘Another Planet‘ featuring Chris Brown, an together the two are Jawan x Tiffany.

The two first met through a mutual love for music and then of course collaborating with projects. Tiffany says, “We were great friends at first which I think it’s so important, I didn’t get a chance to do that. And with him he did all of the right things, the necessary things.” Jawan added, “We actually found ourselves getting really close, just really hearing each other’s stories and finding out we were able to relate as far as the business aspect. We took it very slow, and I think that was the most important thing when it came to our friendship.” So, it’s safe to say the dynamic duo are officially a couple!

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With new love coming in, Evans takes took a moment to reflect on her past relationship, not romantically, but how it shaped her perspective for her new found love, “It takes your view of people overall, because you’re like, if someone who I thought loved me could do this to me then imagine, the whole world.” Evans also says she took that time to “get to that positive space she desperately needed. ”

Releasing their new single ‘Finally‘ it’s quite obvious that love was in the air. Their unexpected relationship was the inspiration behind the single and led with a beautiful message. “Black love, it’s so necessary and needed in these times, it would be a positive thing if people hear our music and they feel, that black love is alive and well.” says Evans.

Although the two can’t spill too much tea, we can definitely be expecting more projects. Jawan confirms and says “Yes, we most certainly have a lot of records.”

The two also confirmed the music video for ‘Finally’ is set to be released sometime before the end of this year, so be on the look out!

To keep up with the pair, all of their Social Media handles are ‘Jawan x Tiffany‘.