Kim Kardashian named the “Princess of Prison Reform”

Kim Kardashian West at Variety and Rolling Stone's Criminal Justice Summit at the Jeremy Hotel in West Hollywood on November 14, 2018.

In addition to make-up and cosmetics, Kim Kardashian also has passion and soft spot for prison reform. Last September, Kim made a trip to the White House to meet with Donald Trump in regards to the prison reform and even helped a woman by the name of Alice Johnson get released from prison.

News broke that Kim Kardashian and her team where behind the clemency for Cyntoia Brown; whom was in prison for 15 years after killing the man who bought her as a sex slave at the age of 16. Sources told TMZ that inmates around country are now sending Kim letters in hopes that she can also help them get clemency.

With-in the two years of Kim meeting with Donald Trump she has successfully help 3 inmates, and is continuing to push for prison reform. According to TMZ, staff and inmates are now referring to Kim as, “The Princess of Prison Reform.”.