Lenny Kravitz Donates Food Vouchers in the Bahamas for COVID-19


Rock star, Lenny Kravitz, is making it his duty to give back to those in need during COVID-19. He recently initiated a food voucher campaign through his foundation, Let Love Rule Foundation, which will assist individuals in the Bahamas, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The Bahamas is proud of Lenny’s many accomplishments, but we are even more proud of the fact that with all that he has accomplished, he has not forgotten his origin; that he still takes time out to champion causes in The Bahamas; that he still takes time out to ensure that our tourism product gets the attention that is necessary to cause our numbers to increase,” Bahamas Minister of Social Services and Urban Development Frankie A. Campbell said.

Kravitz, who is of Bahamian descent, is helping the people of Eleuthera, where he lives part-time. The islands of New Providence and Grand Bahama get blessed with his presence from time to time as well.

The goal of this campaign is to focus on the islands’ most vulnerable populations. This includes the elderly, persons with disabilities, and persons with chronic, non-communicable illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and kidney disease.

“It is an honor and responsibility for me to care for the beautiful people of The Bahamas,” Kravitz told PEOPLE magazine. “From the dental and medical clinics we do each year, to now this with the food vouchers, I am always looking at finding new ways to support the people who live here in any way I can.”

Campbell pointed out in his statement that he almost had to force Kravitz “to allow us to thank him publicly.” Campbell stated, “He did not want to receive any kind of public accolades, but the Bahamian people needed to know that he is helping in more ways than one.”

Kravitz happily said in 2019 that nothing has been more rewarding than bringing smiles to the people around him.