Lil Baby Opens Up About His Mental Health ‘I Can See Me Going To Therapy’


In his recent interview with the Breakfast Club, Rapper Lil Baby explains the importance of mental health.

“I know it’s real,” the rapper tells The Breakfast Club. “I hang around, maybe like, 3 or 4 dudes …and 2-3 times a week we down there having therapy amongst each other. Everybody going through different little stuff, we might as well just bring it to the table; ‘you might have something to help me with,’ ‘he might have something to help me with,’ something like that.”

The Atlanta rapper continues explaining how his past incarcerations have shown him the dark side of mental health.

“I’ve done been to prison, it makes you or breaks you in the real sense,” Lil Baby says. “Like if your mind ain’t strong you will lose. I’ve done seen young people who I grew up with get on drugs and lose their mind. I’ve done seen people kill themselves. I’ve done seen a lot and I know for a fact mental health is a major factor.”

Co-host of the radio Charlamagne Tha God, an advocate for therapy, asked the rapper if he would consider getting a therapist.

Although not currently attending therapy, Lil Baby explains that he would consider it especially dealing with new issues accompanying his stardom.

“I can see me going to therapy… especially with what I got going on right now,” Lil Baby says. The rapper explains how his current fame contrasts with his previous knowledge about the world, making him feel uncertain. “That’s the part about it. Hustling is like a rule book almost, he’ll tell you this or he’ll tell you that. But this, they don’t even tell you to pay your taxes…. You need a therapist in this world.”

Watch Lil baby’s full Breakfast Club interview below.