Lizzo Is Unapologetic To Critics, “I Don’t Identify With Backlash”


Los Angeles was busy this weekend as your favorite celebrities attended The 51st Annual NAACP Image Awards. Lizzo was definitely trending after she won her first NAACP Award for ‘Entertainer of the Year’. The singer has been doing an amazing job with allowing plus size women to feel confident in their own skin. Her unapologetic personality shines a light on a part of the industry that has shunned women of a particular size for so long. Through her many accomplishments and awards, Lizzo has proved that you can be a successful black, plus sized women, and crazy talented in a tough music industry.

“This isn’t my brand, it’s who I am,” the songstress said in the press room following the NAACP Image Awards. She stresses that body positivity for all is a major key in progressing in the music industry. In the industry women of color are told they have to look a certain way or do certain things in order to be accepted. Lizzo, on the other hand, feels indifferent about this statistic. 

“Big black girls are beautiful and deserve to be heard and seen and put on stages and given GRAMMYS and that’s what the f*** I’m doing!” Despite the backlash, Lizzo has been receiving lately, she continues to stand behind her movement as a true trailblazer. “I don’t identify with backlash,” the singer said confidently. She laughed at her haters and thanked everyone for congratulating her on her first win.