LOVE Your Struggle


When we hear the word struggle, first thing that we think is, “I don’t want to.” No one is in a rush to struggle to pay bills, find a way to work, to live day to day, or struggle period, myself included.

However, I think that we miss the positives that can be associated with struggling. The amount of growth we can do as a result of these “struggles.”

J. Cole has a song called, “Love Yourz.” In this song he romanticizes struggles. Interesting concept and thought process, but he’s right. There’s beauty in it.

Yea, struggling isn’t always pretty. It’s certainly not easy and sometimes lasts longer than we want it to. Yet, there’s always a rainbow with a pot of gold after the storm. Remember that. There’s ALWAYS a rainbow.

The struggles we go through teach us how to appreciate the rainbows even more. The struggles remind us how strong we really are. They remind us that we can overcome anything if we have the right support system.

Love your struggles. Embrace them. Learn from them. Grow from them. Appreciate the rainbows and use them as daily reminders.

Look at the person you’ve become as a product of what you’ve been through. Are you better or worse? I’d like to think we’re all better once we’ve overcome.

“No one life is better than yours. Love yourz”


-Danielle M.