Meek Mill and Kevin Hart to make donate $15M donation to 110 schools in Philadelphia


Comedian Kevin Hart and rapper Meek Mill donated $15 million to support schools and disadvantaged students in the Philadelphia area. This humble venture was in collaboration up alongside 76ers partner Michael Rubin. Both Philly native entertainers are known for giving back and all funds are expected to assist 110 schools in Philly. The funds will also go towards parochial and private schools across Philadelphia region covering tuition costs enabling lower-income students for 2022-23 academic year.

Kevin Hart is a North Philly native who has provided $600,000 in college scholarship funds in 2018 to Philadelphia students. Hart also donated $250,000 to the Philadelphia school District back in 2020, which helped upgrade the school programs. His contributions went towards the technology programs as he previously gave $50,000 to local students in need. Kevin Hart selected these students based on academic and personal accomplishments.

Back in December 2021 Meek Mill recently donated $500,000 worth of Christmas presents to Philadelphia families. Meek Mill and Kevin Hart have been involved with giving back to the community wether it is by donations , giveaways, or event’s. This donation is the biggest that these two men have made during their years of giving back to their communities where they grow up.