Michael B. Jordan Says Viral Valentine’s Day Date with Lori Harvey Was Due to “Pent-Up Romance”


In an interview with Jemele Hill is Unbothered, Michael B Jordan explains the inspiration behind his decision to rent out an aquarium for Lori Harvey for Valentine’s Day.

“It was a lot, I wasn’t able to do a lot of those things in the past,” the Black Panther star says. “It was fun; I’m a creative guy.”

Due to the pandemic, there were several restrictions in place limiting the ways the couple could celebrate the special night. These restrictions forced Jordan to think out of the box and create a memorable night for his influencer girlfriend.

“Then you gotta be even more creative because there wasn’t a lot of things that were open. The circumstance of a lot of things forced me to be a bit of a think on that one,” Jordan says. “I kind of put myself in a tough situation because I have to figure out next year.”

Watch Michael B Jordan’s full interview below.