Ms Jacky Oh Makes her Statement with New J Nova Collection


Ms Jacky Oh is an actress, social media influencer, model and TV personality most known from her appearances on VH1’s Wild’n Out. Her and comedian, DC Young Fly, have a beautiful daughter together named Nova while still rocking it as a Wild’n Out girl. Jacky created a lip-gloss line called J Nova Collection, which is described as “ultra-glossy lip glosses”.

During an interview at the Blac Chyna TV show premiere for The Real Blac Chyna, she gave JaGurl TV an insight on what made her get into cosmetics. “People we’re always asking me about my makeup, and especially my lip gloss; so I said I need to capitalize off this.”

On her website, she not only has lip glosses but also velour shorts, lashes, lip liners and other cute items. She even has coasters with a cartoon picture of her, DC Young Fly and their daughter, Nova.

Be sure to check out her collection!

By: Imani Kerr