Mariah Carey Returns After 4 Years!


Legendary songstress Mariah Carey returns with a more succinct, controlled input on her hip-hop-infused pop…

For three decades, Mariah Carey has graced the music industry with her catchy tunes, which established her to be one of the most iconic singer-songwriters of all time. Also, making her one of the best-selling female artists ever. This sound is quite new for Mariah, but she makes it nostalgic and fresh with a little bit of a 2000’s touch. It doesn’t sound as different from her previous albums because of the pop,r&b, and hip-hop is her signature. This album is about details and the way she toys with her voice

Caution is a record that advertises Mariah’s best, and it serves her pretty well. This project feature artist; such as, Ty Dolla $igns, Slick Rick, Gunna, and Bloody Orange, revealing her decades of loyalty and love for R&B/hip-hop by selecting artists who are currently influencing the genre. Caution perfectly fits in the current modern music vibe, without it being too generic. Mimi’s hummingbird voice did not vanish. Miss Mimi still got it, but did the living legend live up to expectations?

By Santana | @DriuneSantanaTV