Nipsey Hussle’s Death Was Not the Result of Rival Gang War


Nipsey Hussle‘s tragic death was not the result of a war between the two biggest street gangs in Los Angeles, and in fact the shooter was known to the late-star and his crew. Multiple sources close to the situation tell The Blast, currently there are no signs that point to Nipsey’s murder being carried out by a rival gang in Los Angeles, as many have speculated. In fact, the shooter was someone very familiar to Nipsey.

Nipsey was a well known member of the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, but was not a typical gangbanger. The star had long worked to reform the streets and help progress his community through his gang affiliations and relationships. It was told the Bloods and the Crips are actually on “very good” terms right now, and many of the top leaders in both organizations want it clear that everyone is hurting after Nipsey’s death.

As for who is responsible, we are told the person, who police have identified as Eric Holder, was known to Nipsey and members in the community. It was told Holder was well known enough, that he was able to walk up to Nipsey on the corner of Slauson and Crenshaw in broad daylight without any hassle. For those not familiar with the streets in L.A., the area is a tough neighborhood and Nipsey was definitely a V.I.P.

Sources say Holder, who remains at large, had personal beef with Nipsey, and the hip-hop star had allegedly just questioned the man about being a snitch to the police. It was told when the murder went down, Nipsey was in the parking lot taking pictures with fans when the man approached and shot the star in the head at point-blank range before firing multiple shots at surrounding people and then taking off on foot.

Surveillance footage from a nearby business captured the incident going down,and Nipsey can be seen on the ground while the shooter fires several bullets before kicking his victim in the head and taking off through the parking lot. Police are hoping to use the surveillance footage to track Holder down, but an arrest has not yet been made.

As reported, the hip-hop community as a whole has been mourning the rapper’s death, including The Game, who nearly broke down in tears while discussing the loss.