Offset speaks out about the government shutdown.


In a recent interview with Esquire Magazine, rapper Offset from the group Migos spoke about the current government shut down.

While usually not vocal about his political views/opinions the rapper voiced his concerns about the current state of our government. “This ain’t supposed to be going down. Not in America.”

Also voicing his opinion about the struggles government workers (who are not able to work due to the shut-down) are going through saying, “We’re going through a f***ed up time; Both sides. Black and the white. You know why? The Government is shut-down. Black people aren’t working, white folks aren’t working. It’s everybody.” He continued later by saying, “Seeing people talk about how they can’t pay their bills, but they have to work. That’s some slave s***t.”

His comments come less than a week after his estranged wife rapper, Cardi B received widespread media attention for stating her views on the shutdown via Instagram video and tweets. Many in politics, though unsure of whether or not to repost some of her, applauded her for voicing her opinions. While many in the media supported her speaking her mind, she received backlash from some conservative political figures such as Tomi Lahren.

By: Latayla Branson