Olay Encourages Future STEM Leaders with $100,000 in Scholarships


Students who visited Olay’s Innovation Lab this week left with the treat of a lifetime; $100,000 to spend on furthering their STEM education.

As part of their #SkinInTheGame Women In STEM education program, Olay invited 10 Aiken High School girls to visit its Innovation Lab for a deep dive on the science behind the brand and the careers that can come from it. With over 60 years of experience as a successful brand who serves women and girls everyday, Olay hopes to raise awareness about various career paths for women in the STEM field.

The visiting students, who all plan to study STEM in college, got to walk through a typical day in the lab while interacting with a variety of women scientists who innovate. They also got an exclusive look at the development department of a Fortune 500 company, and students even got a hands on experience of what it’s like to formulate products in the lab by creating their own body washes. Dr. Maiysha Jones, a senior scientist with Olay Body, could not let the day end there. Before they left, she gifted each of them with $10,000 to assist in funding the college of their dreams.


“It was programs like this and mentors that I had along the way that really encouraged me to stick with it and preserve through the challenges that come with pursuing academics in STEM” said Jones in interview. Olay Body has been leading the charge in skin care science for women. Women make up 48 percent of their research and development team while the product and innovation team is 100 percent women.

With their efforts, Olay Body hopes to bridge the gap between men and women representation in the STEM field and show young girls they can be successful in this industry. By being an active player in the fight for diversity, Olay hopes to continue encouraging a smooth future for its future leaders not only in the shower, but in the work place as well.

Programs like this are life changing and truly make a difference, especially for women and people of color. By encouraging and supporting diversity in STEM, Olay plans to be at the forefront of change in this industry and provide a space that is not only intuitive but inclusive as well.

What a great start to Women’s History Month. Way to go, Olay!