Rick Ross Partners with Jetdoc To Provide Affordable Healthcare to Americans


Rick Ross has partnered with telehealth app, Jetdoc to provide affordable and convenient healthcare to millions of Americans.

“It was time to take advantage of my platform and really do something for my community,” Ross tells TMZ. “This was about giving back to the people, the people who can’t afford insurance. People that don’t have insurance. I remember, myself not going to the doctors because it wasn’t convenient.”

Jetdoc is a mobile health platform that connects users to licensed healthcare professionals within minutes. The affordable healthcare app is only a $10 membership or $20 one-time virtual visit. The membership includes unlimited virtual visits.

In addition to the unlimited access, users will receive a free Jetdoc DiscountRx Card which offers up to 85 % off prescription medication at major retail pharmacies.

Jetdoc founder and healthcare entrepreneur, Timothy Duncan explains the importance of not only a healthy life but how good health can improve the quality of life.

“Healthcare is a great equalizer,” says Ducan. “No matter how much money you have, how little you have, health is wealth. And it’s not just about life or death but also the quality of life.”

Although Ducan has launched numerous other health-centered platforms and sites, he insists that Jetdoc’s goal is to make it affordable and obtainable.

“This time around it’s about providing people with convenient healthcare so they will actually participate in the healthcare system,” Duncan tells TMZ.

Currently, the app is only available in Florida. But it’s expected to expand into more states during 2021.