Sephora Is Set To Close Stores For Inclusion Workshops After Incident With SZA


Imagine going into your favorite makeup store to purchase one of your favorite makeup products only to have someone follow you around as if you’re trying to steal the items you came to purchase. That is exactly what happened to ‘The Weekend’ singer SZA when she went into a local Sephora store in California.

This incident definitely did not sit well with the artist, and she made sure it was known in her tweets, explaining to the public what happened.  

The singer also added, “Can a b*** cop her Fenty Beauty erwut?”

Hearing about this unfair incident, according to the Grio, the world’s beloved makeup store is now set to close in different locations, June 5th, due to the alleged racial profiling towards SZA.

Sephora posted to social media explaining that their reason for closing their store is so that they can start “inclusion workshops” for the employees to know that racial profiling is unacceptable and they also asked the customers to join them as they work hard to build a more inclusive community. The beauty company stated to the public, 

“We will never stop building a community where diversity is expected, self-expression is honored, all are welcomed and you included”

Rihanna, owner of the Fenty Beauty line also responded back towards the racial incident by surprising SZA with a Fenty Beauty gift card and posting a supportive message to Instagram saying…

“Go buy yo Fenty Beauty in peace sis!”

As in response, SZA said “Thanks queen”