Serena Williams and Anna Winter Speak ‘S By Serena’ Spring Collection


It is always great to see celebrities have other passions then what they are typically known for in their careers. Serena Williams, tennis star since the 90’s, is known for her strength, speed and agility while on the court. Williams is now stepping on to another playing field and starting a new business in the world of fashion.

On Wednesday February 12, 2020, Williams had a Q&A session with Vogue editor-in-cheif and fashion icon, Anna Wintour, at Spring Studios. During the discussion the iconic ladies spoke family, making boss moves and the new 2020 spring collection from S by Serena.

“I have been doing fashion since 2000 — that’s when I went to school. I’ve been doing this a long time. More than people actually realize, which is why it was important for me to sit down and have his different format for a fashion show. Although some things and some companies may pop overnight, that’s such a small percentage. It takes a lot of work, and nothing can replace hard work.” says the athlete. Williams knows a thing or two about hard work as a 23 time Grand Slam winner.

In honor of Fashion Week, tis was not just a sit down conversation but also a fashion show. The out of the box concept provided us with a personal conversation between Williams and Wintour and ended with models entering the room with the new collection. According to, “The Spring 2020 collection, which was inspired by travel: easy separates that can be worn together in various ways, giraffe prints, vegan leather, sequined pieces with cut-outs.”

The collection is now available for purchase at reasonable prices.