Serena Williams Gives Advice to Women on Life and Love


For Bumble’s “The Question Game,” Serena Williams gives viewers an exclusive look inside her home and expresses her innermost thoughts about life and love.

Although married to entrepreneur Alexis Olympia Ohanian since 2017, Williams explains one of her deal breakers in relationships.

“A deal breaker for me in a relationship is definitely loyalty,” the tennis legend tells Bumble. “Well, not having it, that is.”

In an interview with Essence, Williams elaborates on the importance of loyalty in all relationships.

“Loyalty is you’re with me, you ride,” Williams says. “Obviously in a romantic relationship, loyalty is definitely a deal-breaker for me, but it’s also important in friendships. I’m really super loyal. I will go all out for my friends and I expect the same. I’m a kind of person that it takes me a long time to cut someone off, but if I do, you never hear from me again. But I am loyal to a fault, actually. If I don’t talk to somebody because of certain reasons, I actually expect my friends not to talk to them too and that’s kind of my loyalty.”

When looking for a friend, Williams gravitates towards positive energies.

“In a friend, I like someone who is funny,” says Williams. “Energy that is fun and delightful, easy to be around and positive. I need someone positive in my life.”

When asked what she would like to explain to young women going through heartbreaks, Williams’s words of advice are “time heals all wounds.”

“Heartbreak is a part of life, whether it be a loved one, a boyfriend, or an animal,” Williams says.

Get an inside look at the tennis champ advice, and personal sneak peeks into her life in the video below.