Stacey Abrams’ Documentary Film, ‘All In: The Fight for Democracy,’ is Eligible for an Oscar

FILE- In this May 22, 2018, file photo Georgia's Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams waves in Atlanta. Abrams is trying to reach voters who don’t usually vote in midterm elections in the hopes to drive up turnout in her race against Republican Brian Kemp. (AP Photo/John Bazemore, File)

Georgia activist Stacey Abrams’ documentary film, ‘All In: The Fight for Democracy,’ receives the PGA mark, making her eligible for an Oscar.

Abrams’ documentary feature highlights voter suppression in America and the activist’s fight to end it.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Producers Guild of America determined Abrams’ film would merit the PGA mark. This means Abrams, a producer for the film, will be considered an Oscar nominee for Best Documentary Feature.

The Academy defers to the PGA under certain circumstances, reports Hollywood Reporter. According to the rules, “normally two or three persons may be named as nominees, one of whom must be the credited director.” If a producer is named, that individual must have performed a major role” in the production of the film. The rules also state special conditions for the number of producers eligible for the PGA mark. According to the rules, no more than two people can be considered as a single producer. The duo only receives this title if they have “an established producing partnership.” The PGA’s Producing Partnership Panel will determine the depth pg their working relationship.

Liz Garbus and Lisa Cogan, a married couple, have been creating films together for years. Therefore, both individuals took one slot, opening a spot for the fourth nominee. Who so happens to be Abrams.

“I thought of this film as a monster movie,” Garbus tells the Hollywood Reporter. “Every time you think you vanquish the monster, with Reconstruction or the Voting Rights Act, that monster rears her ugly head again. Instead of billy clubs, it might be a very narrow set of voter ID laws, but it’s the same thing.”

Abram’s film, which Amazon is distributing, has been highly regarded by many. The film also includes music by Janelle MonaeMary J. BligeJustin TimberlakeLeslie Odom Jr., and John Legend. Recently the singers sat down at Hollywood Reporters round table and reflected on their personal connections to Abrams’ film.

Along with the Oscar-nomination, Abrams has also received a nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize, honoring her work in Georgia.