Tiffany Haddish Received Warm Notes From Foster Kids For Her Emmy Nomination


While appearing on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the “Black Mitzvah” comedian Tiffany Haddish expresses that she has already received “the best gift ever” after her Emmy nomination was announced.

“I went to the mailbox, and there were all these handwritten notes from foster youth that I’ve been talking to over quarantine,” Haddish told Fallon. “It was 40 messages — 40 little handwritten notes and cards — and they drew on them and colored them.”

The Girls Trip star has a personal connection to the foster care system. Haddish along with siblings were put into the foster care system as children. During quartine, Haddish was video chatting with numerous foster care children in various group homes via Zoom.

Haddish refers to receiving the notes as “better than anything.”

“That was the best award ever,” Haddish said. “Like when I get down, I just open those up and read them. It’s like, that’s better than any trophy I could ever get, to be recognized by our youth, our future.”

Watch the full interview below.