Tory Lanez Brings Joy to Social Distancing Viewers with “Quarintine Radio”


How have you been spending your time during social distancing? Have you been reading? Learning a new skill? Eating all your Quarintine snacks? Or have you gone to the club? That’s right, go to the club. Artist, Tory Lanez, has been entertaining our screens with a good old game of pretend. “Quarintine Radio” is a club series made to make viewers feel like they are in a club environment. Streamed through Instagram, the live is equipped with live music, celebrity guests, and Tory Lanez as your funny host.

The Instagram live provides an environment that makes you feel like you’re in a real club. So much that Tory will make announcements like, “The person with the red Honda outside, you’re parked in valet and about to get towed!” Viewers make comments and answer questions per Tory’s request. We are entertained with talent contests of all genres, which give fans an opportunity to join the live and speak face-to-face with their favorite celebrities.

Fans seem to enjoy the celebrity who join the livestream. Tory has connected with some celebrities like Jojo, Chris Brown, Drake, Wiz Khalifa, French Montana, DMX, T-Pain, Megan thee Stallion and more. The influence of different celebrities has made “Quarintine Radio” a hot topic and trending on Twitter with the hashtags #ToryLanez and #QuarinetineRadio during the time of the live stream.

Surprisingly, something monumental has happened from this event. What started off as just a fun way to pass time with friends have now turned into a record breaking milestone. Tory and Drake broke the record for most viewers on live by hitting a peak of 310,000 viewers while on live, which passes Taylor Swift’s old record is 156,000 viewers. Instagram only allows live to run for 1 hour but Tory will reset the chat if the club is getting too lit. In the matter of minutes the club will fill right back up again.

We recommend you follow Tory Lanez to enjoy some quarantine fun! #QuarintineQuarintineQuarintine!