Travis Scott Speaks Out About Police Brutality, ‘Our Voices Need to Be Heard’


Travis Scott is the star of GQ’s special September issue. This months focus? “Change is Good”, as they displayed boldly on the cover. Not only did they talk about the major changes in Scott’s career over the years, but also his contributions to the Black Lives Matter movement during such a controversial year.

Scott mentions how he feels the outcry of his people now more than ever. After years of suffering, he hopes for once those cries for not fall on deaf ears. “It’s a point where there has to be some acknowledgment, like, ‘This shit is not cool,’ ” he says. “We’ve been through this for how many years? It’s a fight that we’ve been fighting for, and it seems no one wants to give us this result we’ve been looking for—for years—and our voices need to be heard.”

The idea of building a community is on the forefront of his mind. The successful 28-year-old rapper has used his platform for good by pledging money and being vocal about police brutality issues on social media. His social status in the music industry has helped a lot with the driving force he needs behind making a change. Now being inspired by his need to help more he has gone as far as going to the mayor of his birthplace, Houston, to see what lasting impact he can make in his own community. 

It’s safe to say his personal message matches perfectly with the theme of the cover. Scott is the change the world needs to see. “Ragers, Agitators, & Activists who are boldly imagining the future”

According to GQ, he is working towards bringing back AstroWorld, which is a 40-year-old theme park that defined his youth before it was closed in 2005. If this sounds familiar it is because it is the name of his 2018 GRAMMY nominated studio album. As of right now he doesn’t have a clear vision on what he wants to do with the space, but that will soon be solved with the help of Houston’s mayor, Sylvester Turner.

“Times are weird for people, and they’re trying to figure out what to do,” he says. “Seeing what’s going on in the world is keeping me motivated. Figuring out ways to make it better, that’s really keeping me motivated. And whether it’s with music, or whether it’s trying to go change stuff in the inner city—I’m just trying to turn it up on all levels.”

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