Travis Scott to join Maroon 5 in Super Bowl halftime performance


After reports of struggling to find performers,
Maroon 5 has just announced Travis Scott will join them in a 2018 super bowl performance.

The show will take place in Atlanta on February 3rd.

This is a big accomplishment for the rapper. 
Travis‘s Astroworld Tour has been garnering a lot of success. Not to mention, the Artist’s Sicko Mode song peaked at #2 on the billboard charts along with having multiple Grammy nominations.

The move doesn’t come without controversy.
The NFL faced a lot of backlash when originally announcing Maroon 5 as their decision. Many suggested it was time for the organization to instead highlight Atlanta artists.
Not to mention, there’s still the ever present controversy with the way the NFL responded to Colin Kapernick taking a knee and protesting. Online more than 70,000 people have signed a petition to get the band to drop out.

Some even planned to boycott the halftime show. Rihanna herself said she wouldn’t perform at the Super Bowl unless the NFL rehired Kapernick,but according to TMZ Maroon 5 is also considering several other artists … including Cardi B and Outkast‘s Big Boi.
Big Boi would be major because of his Atlanta ties.