Tyler Perry Contributes $100,000 To Legal Defense Fund Of Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend


Tyler Perry never seizes to amaze us.

On Sunday Dec. 13, he donated $100,000 to the legal defense fund of Kenneth Walker, the boyfriend of Breonna Taylor, who back in March was shot dead by Louisville police officers in her own apartment.

Officer Jonathan Mattingly, one of the cops who killed Taylor, is suing Kenneth. The cops claimed that Walker’s warning shot struck Mattingly in the leg. Although, it has not been conclusively proven that the bullet that struck Mattingly was fired from Walker’s gun.

Kenneth’s attorney, Steve Romines, received a call from Perry after he made the donation according to Courier Journal. “He saw that Kenny had been sued, and he felt like that was a miscarriage of justice,” Romines stated. The campaign had raised just $600 but thanks to Perry that tipped the campaign over the top!

Perry reportedly made two $10,000 donations, followed by a $50,000 donation and then $30,000, which was reportedly the GoFundMe page’s total goal.

Tyler Perry donates $ 100,000 to defend Breona Taylor's boyfriend - Florida  News Times

Mattingly is currently suing for assault and emotional distress, but with the help of Tyler Perry Kenneth now has some financial backing so he can defend himself in court.