Tyler Perry Offers to Pay for Rayshard Brooks’ Funeral


According to CNN, Tyler Perry has offered to pay for the funeral of Rayshard Brooks. Brooks was an African American man who was fatally shot by Atlanta police officer last Friday, in the parking lot of Wendy’s. Brooks had fallen asleep in his vehicle when a Wendy employee called the police after she attempted to wake him up.

Atlanta police officers Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan arrived at the scene and conducted a field sobriety test after waking him up and getting him to move his car from the drive-thru.

According to the officer’s body cam, while attempting to put Brooks in handcuffs, he grabbed one of the officer’s taser and ran away. Brooks then pointed the taser back at the officers, which they took as a threat. Officer Rolfe then fired three shots at him, untimately killing him.

“To watch Mr. Brooks on Friday night talking about wanting to go home for his daughter’s birthday — it breaks my heart,” Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms said. “It didn’t have to end that way,” She added.

The following day, the Wendy’s location where Brooks was killed, lit up in flames after a day of protest. A “RIP Rayshard” was sprayed along the building where it currently remains.

After hearing this news, Tyler Perry offered to pay the funeral expenses for the family. This is not the first time Perry offered to pay for funeral expenses for a family sho has lost a loved one due to police brutality. He has paid the expenses for the family of Tynesha Evans after her boyfriend allegedly shot and killed her at a bank in Alpharetta, Georgia. In 2016, he offered to pay for the funeral of 15th month-old twins Ariel and Alaynah North, who died after being left in a hot car in Carrollton, Georgia.

Thank you to Mr.Perry.