Wendy Williams: The Movie Star Ciera Payton Talks Portraying Wendy and More


The Queen of Media Wendy Williams debuts the high and lows of her rise to fame in the upcoming biopic “Wendy Williams: The Movie.”

The film gives insight into some of the largest moments of Williams’ life as it debuted on television. Including experience from her childhood to her battle with drug addiction. As well as explaining her complicated relationship with her ex-husband Kevin Hunter (play by Morocco Omari).

For BET’s Ciera Payton playing someone as entrenched in the limelight as Williams placed her under a lot of pressure.

“I’ll just go back to the fact that she is such a well-known person and has such a huge fan base, people watch her every single day,” the star tells JaGurl TV at the virtual press conference.

As a fan as well, Payton wanted to ensure that she nailed the tiniest details.

Payton studying Wendy Williams endlessly to perfect iconic moments including the startling moment when Williams fainted on air. The hot topic queen, dressed as the statue of liberty, fainted during a Halloween special.

This moment was ranked by Fox News as one of the 5 most shocking moments on the show. Payton strived to nail this alarming moment in television.

“I wanted to get it frame by frame, beat by beat,” Payton explains. “When the camera goes up, when the eyes blink, when the mouth closes, when she falls, when she breathes.”

The “Wendy Williams: The Movie” premieres January 30, at 8pm on Lifetime.