You Go Gurl! Meet Daijah Barnes of ‘Mirror Management: The Healing Zone’


Daijah Barnes is a New York native, and also a single moms’ personal development coach that has dedicated her time to sharing her tactics to help others tap into their personal growth, which started her brand “Mirror Management: The Healing Zone”

JaGurl TV sat down with Daijah to see why it all started, she says  “Personal development is important to me, but it’s also important to many individuals and it should be” she continues, “Personal development is literally going inside of you where it may be ugly and you have to go deep inside that place, and you have to root it up to begin your journey.”

Daijah recalls a time where she had to apply one of her tactics (mirror management process) into her own development, “I had to look in the mirror and say I’m really jacked up, I want to be better than what I am, it was putting a mirror up to myself and saying what can I do to be better?”

Although, Daijah now travels to tell share her experiences, and there was one moment that started it all.

Speaking at the YMCA for an annual campaign was Daijah’s first time sharing her experiences and her journey in front of a large crowd and being vulnerable in that moment. “When I spoke there, and people started standing up I was like woah, um can y’all sit down real quick? Am I supposed to stand up here until y’all sit down? What’s next? I wasn’t expecting it.” she says “I’d never had a standing ovation before but I knew at that moment I could move a room of more than 100. That was a big deal for me.” after that experience the rest was history, Daijah is on a continued journey of serving others.

That opportunity at the YMCA was based on her teenage dating experience, “It was two broken people trying to come together and create something when in all reality we didn’t even need each other, we needed ourselves.” With personal growth, there are those pivotal moments where we do have to question if we have really changed, “A lot of times, when we continuously go through the same type of scenarios, we go through it because we haven’t gotten the message.” she says “We didn’t learn, we didn’t take what we needed from that experience.”

We dived into Daijah’s book ‘Scared in Love‘ which originated from her experience “The two broken people coming together trying to piece something together trying to make it whole when it was broken from two different homes.” she continues “If it ain’t broken you don’t fix it, but we were individually shattered, and the pieces were everywhere.”

Daijah also talks about escaping death and not knowing her initial intent behind her book, “that is what I feel like makes or breaks you, what is the thought before you do this?” she explains how at first, her intent behind the book wasn’t right. Therefore, she had to do some pondering to come to a genuine understanding of herself in which her intent changed. ” I want to get this book out so I can help people, but also so that people could know, this is not a good person, and that double-minded mindset is where I went wrong.”

Daijah had to check herself and be real with the woman that was in the mirror about her new intent “Your intent has changed, so now you can release this, but your intent wasn’t the greatest in the beginning, and that’s why everything took a halt.”

“When you’re changing, you really have to change your thoughts, behavior, who you interact with, your systems and so much more because you’re creating a new person.”

Daijah will be hosting her second virtual event “The Healing Zone: SecondHand Emotions on 2/21/2021 from 2:00 pm-4:30 pm you can sign up here:

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