5 Ways to Motivate Yourself When Your Really Not Feeling It


Motivate Yourself! Sometimes life can really be a drag! You don’t have the energy or are in no mood to do the things you know you have to do. It is unfortunate but it is life. You are only human and you react to the things that you feel. Here are a few tips for when you are feeling down, unmotivated or just simply uninspired:

  1. Pray daily

Praying can bring a sense of calmness to your life. It gives you faith in something higher than yourself. Even if you do not believe in God just give thanks to the universe for putting you exactly where you need to be.

2. Take out time for yourself

Life can get HECTIC! Although it is cool to stay busy, it is also necessary to take at least one day out of the week for self care. An at home spa day, mental relaxation, planning out your week, getting organized, cleaning, working out or even sleeping all day can contribute to a calmer you.

3. Celebrate the small wins

Sometimes you get so caught up on the big goals that you forget to look at the smaller picture. You are doing just fine. You get up everyday to shower, go to work, and try your best to be productive. That deserves to be celebrated.

4. Work on your Goals a little at a time

Do not overwhelm yourself with trying to accomplish everything at once. Sometimes its better to focus on not the “how?” but the “why?”. Ask yourself why these goals are on your list and what about them makes you happy. This will bring you back to a place of positive thoughts and affirmations. When you focus on the “how?” it is easy to overwhelm yourself with a to-do list.

5. Just do it

This may seem annoying to say “Just do it” when you are not in the mood. I promise sometimes it takes you just getting up and going to do what you need to do because time does not stop. The same way you get up every morning to go to your job because you know you have bills to pay is the mindset you need to keep when doing other activities. Get up and just go to the gym… you won’t regret it. Get up and just get those errands done… you’ll feel better at the end of the day that you did.

By: Imani Kerr