A Good Old Southern Belle Panty Wash


Celebrity Gynecologist Dr. Tosha Rogers threw an amazing upscale southern belle fascinator event at the St. Regis Hotel in Downtown Atlanta. Sophisticated, polished and classy as ever Dr. Tosha Rogers definitely set the ambience at her southern belle panty wash by announcing her new hypoallergenic detergent specifically designs for woman’s underwear.  As guest mingled sipping peach Bellini’s, they were being severed mini country fried chicken & waffles with shrimps and grits. Dr. Tosha Rogers was socializing with her guest informing them on her new “Clean & Cute” detergent. 

This specifically designed detergent was created to enhance women’s hygiene routines. During our exclusive interview with Dr. Tosha Rogers she created this detergent after patient’s concerns of vaginal “odor or itching” with little to no signs of any issues. Fascinated and understanding about her patient’s concerns Dr. Tosha Rogers concluded “that most often the problem is actually with the panties and not with the actually woman themselves”. Dr. Tosha Rogers recommends her patient’s to “throw away their panties after a year” due tounderwear “being in direct contact and very intimate with your body, your discharge, and all the natural things that happen to us as woman. You have to make sure we clean it effectively”.

Dr. Tosha Roger’s new “Clean & Cute” detergentcontains three natural ingredients and is hypoallergenic, non-gmo, vegan, sulfate free, parables free, formaldehyde free and animal cruelty free. This incredible product is also anti-bacterial, anti-mold, anti-yeast and we can’t forget washing machine friendly, and hand wash friendly. According to Dr. Tosha Roger’s her “Clean & Cute” detergent can also be used on “woman’s bra’s and under garments”. Isn’t that amazing!

To learn more about this product and how you can get your hand on this ladies, you can go to cleanandcute.shop and purchase this product for only $14.99. In addition to that you can go and follow them on Instagram at CleanandCutePantyWash as well as Dr. Tosha Rogers at Blackdocruth.

By: Sierra Spongia