Adjust Your Crown


We are all descendants of royalty.

Whether of a King, Queen, Duke or Dutchess, we have royal blood.

We forget this when times get tough. We allow our surroundings to make us forget how powerful we really are.

Going through a breakup? Lost Your Job? Don’t lose yourself in grief. ADJUST YOUR CROWN!

Feeling like things are out of control? Your crown probably slipped, ADJUST IT and go back to killing shit like you had been.

We have moments where we let ourselves get lost in what’s going on around us, or even lost in the events of our friend’s lives.

We gotta ADJUST OUR CROWNS and act like the royalty we descending from.

Don’t let ANYONE or ANYTHING make you forget that you deserve the best and most importantly, if you feel like your crown is slipping


– Danielle Moses