Are You Allowed to Change Your Mind?


Self-Awareness is a mind boggling game of knowing what behavior is correct or incorrect when it comes to your character. You constantly have to be aware of who you are in this particular moment. Who you were last night may not be who were this morning or who you are going to be next week. You have to be confident in the transformations that you are going through and execute with purpose.

With transformations come change, and as much as we hate or peace being disrupted change is constantly happening. Change can feel scary sometimes but it helps us grow, it expands your horizons, and it brings new opportunities into your life. Change is inevitable, so it is time to embrace it.

Famous motivational speaker, Gary Vaynerchuk, once said “People make jails for themselves and then live in them. Its super true. When are they going to have kids? When are they going to get married? How much are they going to make? What they are going to do? How they are going to change the world? Everyone just constantly talks about jail because they actually care what people think about them.”

Be confident in changing your mind. Be consistent with the true desires of our heart and conform that to your needs in your life. What works for you today may not work for you tomorrow and in that you are allowed to change your mind.