Artist Spotlight: Meet René


In case you were wondering, Hip-Hop has had the music industry on lock these past couple of years. We watched a barrage of artists come on the scene and shake things up. As of late though, R&B has slowly but surely been coming back to the forefront with a multitude of artists singing their way back into fans’ hearts with incredibly enchanting releases.

Now coming out of New York is Brooklyn native, René who is the next star to bless fans with her voice! The singer-songwriter is bringing back one of the greatest eras in music, the 90s, with a generational twist; with her voice making her a force that can’t be reckoned with for its an unparalleled sound. Not only does her sound generate nationwide hits, she can stand her ground amongst some of the greatest vocalists of today with her beautifully strong voice.

René’s inspiration began when she was introduced to R&B by listening to her sister sing while she was growing up. That’s when René immediately fell in love with the genre. René’s musical sound is influenced by the likes of R&B’s elite Brandy, Monica, Mary J. Blige, and Toni Braxton.

René continues to perfect her craft and thrive in her musical journey. René has taken the stage to perform at various venues and festivals where she’s moved the crowds with her astounding voice and energy. Including the Essence Festival Center Stage in July of 2018 where she was chosen by the Essence Festival executives. She also had the opportunity to showcase her talents at Coney Island’s festival hosted in her hometown at the MLE Event.

René is really at the forefront when it comes to emerging artists because of the power behind the lyrics she hasn’t written along with her not being afraid to speak on things that most are afraid of through her songs. Touching on love, relationships, current events and her own personal experiences. In October of 2017, the mutifaceted songstress released her debut EP titled, “Cycle” that was made up of love, sex, and the after math of a toxic relationship. Bringing her fans through an unforgettable journey, one you will not want to miss! René’s latest single “Dangerous” is currently in full rotation on BET Jams as BET’s featured artist, make sure to check it out for her songs are sure to play on repeat in the back of your mind long after hearing it!