Chris Paul Invest In Black Owned Wine Company


Captain of the Phoenix Suns and starting point guard ,11 time NBA All Star Chris Paul is investing in a black owned wine company named La Fête Du Rosé Wine. Chris Paul is no stranger when it comes to investing in a business. Paul was introduced to La Fête Du Rosé Wine in 2020 after meeting the CEO / Founder Donae Burston. Paul fully supports this brand for their efforts in creating a better and more equitable society.

Additionally, Paul discovered La Fête Du Rosé Wine by team members Carmelo Anthony , Devin Booker and others who also enjoy the wine. After being introduced to this wine Paul called it his “go to” during the teams off court meet ups in isolation. Later on he met Robbie Robinson, CEO of Pendulum Holdings,LLC who connected Paul and Burston. They both have passion about people of color in all industries and support of Historically Black Colleges and Universities; which made this collaboration an even better fit.

Paul stated “I’m Thrilled to partner with La Fête Du Rosé Wine Company and work with them to continue to grow the business and fulfill their brand vision.” Since La Fête Du Rosé Wine company first hit the market in 2019 this brand has donated a portion of their proceeds to various programs, helping disadvantaged and underrepresented youth organizations.

Paul has also invested in other beverage and food companies like Roots Food Group ,Koia and Misha’s Kind Foods.