Women’s History Month Highlight: Hattie Hill, the Powerhouse Serial Entrepreneur Representing Women Empowerment


Written By: Ravin Williams and Ethan Bright

As we reach the final days of Women’s History Month now more than ever we are seeing women dominate seats in major rooms. Present and CEO of the T.D. Jakes Foundation Hattie Hill has spent more than three decades in those rooms developing successful global diversity and inclusion strategies for corporations, nonprofits, and foundations across 70 countries. This includes IBM, Southwest Airlines, and McDonald’s.

Partnering with Fortune 500 CEOs, she’s driven significant cultural change by prioritizing the importance of diversity in the work space. Her belief that talent and culture is the new corporate currency in addition to her desire to see people of all backgrounds and gender enjoy extraordinary success is what motivates her passionate pursuit of equity.

In an exclusive interview with JaGurl TV, Hill spoke on being raised on a farm in Arkansas with her five sisters and a single mother. Her mother didn’t let any holdouts or limitations to their situation deter them from being prepared to venture out in the world on their own and seek out their success. “All of that helped to really see who I am today” says Hill.

Holding a Ph.D. in psychology, Hill hadn’t had the slightest previous inclination to go into her current consulting realm. It was a fortunate turn of events. “I stumbled into the consulting world. That’s not my dream, but people are interesting,” Hill shares candidly. She happened to find her niche in helping a good friend design a training program for their employees. After doing so, she realized that she could also be paid to do this. 

Her most significant push to keep driving for the greater good is more than just her ambition. Hill wants to see that success in others, and it starts with the youth. 

“Young people can’t be what they don’t see. So a big piece of my job every day is to create a platform so that they can see it.“

– Hattie Hill

Currently, Hattie serves as the President and CEO of the T.D. Jakes Foundation. “I was asked by Bishop T.D. Jakes to help him set up a non-profit that really would focus on science, technology, engineering, arts and math (STEAM) for women, people of color, and under served communities because thats where the job market is.”She’s currently leading the foundation toward a $100 million fundraising goal and improving disadvantaged communities by providing economic growth globally through STEAM.

She shares parting words of wisdom to the youth of all ages. “It’s ok to fall as long as you fall forward. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. Keep moving. My greatest opportunities came from mistakes, not just successes. I’ve learned so much, and they have propelled me into so many other places, and it’s wonderful.”

We are honored to highlight Ms. Hill for Women’s History Month.