Human Trafficking: How to Protect Yourself


Let’s dive deep in a conversation that may be scary for people to talk about. Through news outlets and social media we have learned that sex trafficking is at an all time high. Women and children are being kidnapped, sold and never to be seen again. With the holiday season upon us this epidemic is at an all time high and it is important to protect yourself. Whether you’re holiday shopping or going to work to provide for your family it is important to stay alert. Here is a list of ways to protect yourself and others.

  1. Create a new Target 

If you are ever in a compromising situation where you are being robbed or held against your will create a distraction. It is easy to freeze up if someone has a weapon near you but they do this to assert Dominance. If someone comes to you trying to take your purse or backpack it’s best to throw the item away from you and run the opposite direction. Most time these criminals want what they can get from you and if they can avoid attracting too much attention then that gives you a chance to escape.

2. Lock it up

After a long day at work or gift shopping most of us have a habit of sitting in our cars to decompress. We sit with the doers unlocked while we talk on the phone, text or listen to music before pulling off. This makes you an easy target for predators to attack. The safest method is to load up you car as quickly as possible and lock up your doors especially when in a parking garage. Think of your next destination before getting in your vehicle and leave as quickly as possible.

3. Elevator over Stairs

We have always hear that taking the stairs is a healthy way to get some extra steps in and be more active during the day. Sadly stairwells are horrible places to be alone and a perfect crime spot because of how remote they are. Take the elevator for safer and quicker way to your vehicle.

4. Tricks of the Trade

We have heard about the new innovative ways that criminals are trying to slow you down and distract you when getting into your vehicles. There is the zip tie trick and money on your windshield trick just to name a few. These tactics are used to distract you and the moment you lay your guard down then criminals attack. If you are lucky enough to remove the item and get into your car there is still a chance a criminal can slip into your vehicle on the passenger side. This is most common at gas stations. If you are in your car and someone puts a gun to your head… FLOOR IT! Drive the car right into anything that can wreck it and release the airbags.

5. Late night Accident

There has been stories of women driving late at night and being rear ended by a large van. If this happens, stay in your vehicle and call the police. Talk to the other driver through a small crack of your window. This tactic has been used to lure women out of there cars late at night and get kidnapped at the scene of the accident.

Share this article with everyone you know because you never think bad things can happen to you until it happens.