Jeannie Mai Premieres Surviving Human Trafficking Documentary


Jeannie Mai-Jenkins is an American television host, stylist, and all-around media personality. More than that, she is also a survivor of abuse herself. She shared details of her recollection of this trauma when she was nine years old. 

In her recollection of what had happened, we got a glimpse her trauma. What stands out for her is the colors of her clothes, blue and green, that she was wearing that day, and the words that her abuser spoke, “No one will believe you, because women are crazy.” For Jeannie, the colors blue and green have been masterfully reworked into intentioned symbols of empowerment for her. “Blue and green are colors now that represent the survivor that I am. I believe now that those colors are what we see naturally all around us. Blue is in the healing waters of the ocean. Green is in the color of life, trees, and nature.” This powerful experience is what lead her to be a voice for others who have been violated.

Along her personal journey of survival, she was met with the unfortunate reality that abuse continues to happen to others. “Not a lot of people understand what trafficking involves. Who does it affect? How does it happen? There are so many questions around it.”

In 2017 she produced the documentary Stopping Traffic to spotlight the issue and conversely offer a beacon of hope to the victims. This documentary earned Jeannie a Pioneer Woman of the Year award at Los Angeles City Hall for her mission and activism. The increasing recognition of the work and achievements of the anti-sex-trafficking movement further propel Jeannie on her mission. 

Last night, her latest documentary, Surviving Sex Trafficking, has premiered in theaters. You can check your local theaters for information on showtimes. In addition, the documentary will be available for online viewing starting April 15.

For more information on how to help spot, stop, and prevent Human Trafficking, you can call the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 1(888) 373-7888 and click here or to view online.