Jennifer Hudson stars in the trailer for “RESPECT”


    We’ve heard the rumors, but now we’ve got eyes on the latest biopic set to hit our screens. Starring Jennifer Hudson, “RESPECT” tells the story of the Queen of Soul herself, Aretha Franklin.

    The MGM biopic is set to chronicle the Detroit singer’s life from childhood through the 1960s, a time of career roller coasters, artistic innovation and social revolutionary upheaval all around.

    “It’s incredible how much it resonates with what’s happening right now, which makes it even that much more powerful. I almost can’t even gather the words, but it’s as if a voice from the past is speaking up right now, which just shows how timeless her music was and is.”

    Jennifer Hudson to the Detroit Free Press

    “Respect,” will be set for limited release Christmas Day 2020 and also stars Forest Whitaker (father Rev. C.L. Franklin), Audra McDonald (mother Barbara Franklin) and Marlon Wayans (husband-manager Ted White). Mary J. Blige, Heather Headley, Tate Donovan and Marc Maron also have roles.

    Franklin had a timeless effect on music and history. Through her creativity, she broke barriers, broke records, and inspired an entire generation. Check out the RESPECT Trailer below. Will you be watching?