Doubt is the killer of all dreams.

So why do we do it?


Fear of what? Success? Change? Everything?

When we’re afraid of something, we tend to doubt anything that may be associated with, especially when it involves some area of change within our personal lives.

For example, you want to venture out and become an entrepreneur; you have all the tools, connections, and even funding to do so. However, you suddenly think, “what if I fail?” The second that question enters your mind, you start dwelling on all the ways you can lose. You start losing that eager energy. Then you begin to question if it’s worth it. Until, eventually, you don’t even do it.

Fun fact: it is ALWAYS worth it.

If it’s been put into your heart to do. DO THAT!


Don’t be your own enemy

Don’t doubt yourself. EVER!

The second you put that one negative thought, it snowballs and next thing you know, everything is bad.

Keep the positive vibes flowing.

You got this, ALL OF IT.

The only thoughts that should be flowing through your head are, “I Can,” “I Will,” “It’s MINE.”

Don’t talk yourself out of what’s meant for you, no matter what it is. If it was put in your heart, that’s yours.

Get Out of Your Own Head and listen to your heart.

Danielle Moses