Rihanna Branches Into A New Lane of Beauty with ‘Fenty Skin’


Rihanna is coming in and shaking the skin care industry. She has had major success in changing beauty norms and creating makeup inclusive of all skin types with Fenty Beauty. Now, she is going down a new path after she announced the launch of her Fenty Skin collection.

The expansion of the Fenty empire will be available for purchase on July 31, 2020. The announcement was made on Rihannas Instagram page with an accompanying video of the multi-platinum singer showing the products as she applied them to her face.

It has been discovered that the skincare line is inclusive to women and men, after Rihanna responded to a tweet by one of her fans. The fan jokingly said, “If Rihanna come out with Fenty skincare line for men I’m changing my middle name to Robyn.” Rihanna responded by saying, “Whoever told you skincare has a gender, LIED to you! Hi Robyn.”

According to ELLE, Fenty Skin will include five product names based on the brand trademark: 

  • Buff Ryder
  • Instant Reset 
  • Fat Water 
  • Flash Nap 
  • Hydra Vizor

Customers can sign up for early access by entering their email address or phone number at fentyskin.com.