Spotify Will Now Offer Video Podcasts


Spotify is a music streaming and media services provider. They are known for providing listeners with good music and interesting podcasts. Listeners will now turn viewers as the service is now providing footage from the podcasts programs.

This is a major upgrade for the service because now content creators have a one stop shop for their viewers. Before creators had to use other platforms like YouTube to get their visuals out into the world. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, “the Swedish streaming giant has been snapping up deals with celebrities and popular podcasters for exclusive shows.” Joe Rogan has been listed as one of those celebrities after he signed a deal in May. Other celebrities include Michelle Obama who also has an exclusive podcast deal with Spotify.

“Video is still the top medium to drive engagement,” said Eunice Shin, a partner at consultancy Prophet. “Spotify wants to own and control engagement on their platform — which drives numbers for this revenue model.”

With more than 286 million monthly users on its platform, Spotify will change the space of podcasting for all. 

Right now you can enjoy video podcasts from “Higher Learning,” “Book of Basketball 2.0,” “Fantasy Footballers,” “The Misfits Podcast,” “H3 Podcast,” “The Morning Toast” and “Rooster Teeth Podcast.”