Stop Stressing Sis, You Got This!

Hey !
You have no idea how many of us have imposter syndrome. Honestly – it comes up again and again how underprepared you may feel but BELIEVE it when I say that you’ve got this!
If you don’t have experience in what you’re trying to accomplish then that’s no big deal.
We all have to start somewhere…
…and if you ask anyone who’s making serious moves in their life, they’ll tell you that they were a newbie once upon a time who didn’t know what their future will hold UNTIL they started!
I say this to say, stop being afraid of your goals and accomplishing things. Stop being afraid of failure, that’s where you learn the most. And stop listening to people who tell you you can’t do something. Remember, you can do ANYTHING you put your mind too.
Do you ever want to be in a position where you wish you started sooner?
Hell no, so GO GET ‘EM GIRL.
But wait – before you do be sure to affirm the sh** out of yourself in the mirror, please.
Because YOU ARE amazing and YOU ARE ready.
Aren’t you?
Kieaundria B.