You ARE Worth It


Knowing your worth and making it known to others are quite complex tasks. I know from experience, especially in relationships. It’s easy to tell your homegirl or homeboy, “Yea I know my worth, he won’t get me if he tries to treat me any way less than I deserve.” Oh that sentence has spilled itself out of my mouth more times than I care to count, and until recently I truly thought that I believed myself.

Knowing AND BELIEVING that you ARE worth being treated with respect, that you deserve someone who will be honest and loyal to you, that you are worth someone that wants to see you happy more than not is extremely difficult. We are brainwashed to know that we SHOULD want all of these things however, we don’t follow through when the time comes. The issue is while we know what we SHOULD want and need to do to achieve that, we feel that we are not good enough to receive the proper treatment. You allow your significant other to get a “pass” on the little things not even realizing that every thing you let slide is slowly decreasing your worth in their eyes. They will not value what you don’t value.

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Ladies, WE are the prize! The sooner WE realize it, the sooner MEN will. Leaving a situation can be just as important to increasing your self worth as setting standards and sticking to them. You have to love yourself. You have to know YOUR worth. You have to be there for YOU. If you can’t do that, no one else will respect you enough to do it. Again, personal experience has shown me that there have been times where I forgot that I was the prize. It hasn’t been easy but I’m working on building myself back up. It’s possible!

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If you believe that you’re worth it, others will too.

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