11-Year-Old Dedicated to Making Masks for Health Care Workers Got A Special Surprise


A young talented girl named Holli Morgan was presented with a $1,200 check for a new sewing machine and equipment to start a YouTube channel after her acts of service got recognized.

The 11-year-old girl from Stone Mountain, Georgia, has made hundreds of protective facial coverings for those on the pandemic’s frontlines, according to WGCL. She originally started off with a goal of 500 but exceeded her own expectations by making 1,200 to give to healthcare workers.

“I’m going to be honest, I was relieved because I thought — good we can stop,” Holli’s mother, April McMillian, told the news station of her daughter making her first 500 masks. “She said, ‘No mommy, I’m going to make 1,200,’ ” McMillian recalled. “I’m like, ‘You wanna do what?’ “

“Every time we pass by the church, we see somebody sitting asking for food or money,” Holli said explaining her inspiration behind making the masks. Holli told WGCL that seeing the good work her church does for the community encouraged her to continue making the masks. “At a young age, she is aware that she can still make a difference for humanity,” Kerwin Lee, senior pastor at Berean Christian Church in Stone Mountain, told the station.

The selfless act makes her feel good, which is just a testament to the tribe that raised her. Now that she is equipped with the tools she needs, she plans on making even more masks for the homeless and people who couldn’t otherwise afford them. Only this time, she will make her masks faster and more efficiently.