Be a “Yes Man” for Yourself


Entrepreneur and motivational speaker Gary Vee once said, “If you just said “yes” to something that scares you one time a day instead of “no”, your life would be so different.” It is important to understand what is fear and how it effects our lives. Fear is an unpleasant feeling triggered by the perception of danger, real or imagined. Fear is a universal feeling engraved in every human that is triggered by different things. Fear is normal but it is important it does not stop you from fully experiencing your live. The concept of fear can be overcame by facing it head on and saying “yes” to things you never thought you would try in your lifetime.

No matter your age, your brain, like your muscles, grow through novelty while experiencing something new each day. You are given the resources in this life to figure out what excites you. Life can get very boring if you stay within your limits of what you are comfortable with. There are different stages to trying new things. First, try something to get over the initial fear of it. Second, try it twice to learn it. Third, try it to see if you like it. 

Respecting your boundaries is important but we do not learn, grow or prosper in a comfortable space. You have to be willing to risk and say “YES” for the sake of yourself. Fear can cause you to be confined and not confident in your life choices. Like Gary said, it only takes saying yes to one thing per day that will change your perspective. Find something that makes your fearful and change the dynamic by saying “yes” and trying new things. You will find that you are a better version of yourself in the long run.