Encourage YOURSELF


We all have moments where we feel absolutely defeated. Those moments where we feel like a complete failure, or we just want to give up.

Those are the moments where you have to search within yourself the will to continue. You have to encourage YOURSELF. Support from an outside source is nice and at times quite uplifting but it doesn’t have the same motivating effect as when you are able to uplift yourself. Speak victory through your test. We hold power in our words and we have the ability to change not only our attitudes but our surroundings. Feel like giving up? Don’t! No one knows how to push you better than you! You know what you want to achieve and you know how to achieve it. If every morning you started the day with an “I” statement (I can, I will, I am going to be..) you would see the shift in not only your attitude but your situation. You are your biggest and best cheerleader. Encourage yourself!

Danielle Moses